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TagsHorror, Shoot 'Em Up


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Very surrealistic cool looking game tho. I love the art style kinda looks like mine but alot better.

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Died to no item spawns several times. Character interactions are fun, designs are good and art is good. Slow and Rng based gameplay feels bad. Space out shots and use the arrow keys and wasd to mash out of a trip and you can do it. If you don't mind some pain in your games go for it.

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This could be a very fun game, especially concidering that the graphics look amazing, but as it stands, it's just annoying. The gameplay has four fatal flaws:

1.The screen scrolls very slowly, and sometimes there's not much ammo on the ground, forcing player in the situations when there's nothing you can do to fight the quickly approaching enemy. Also, if the gameplay is supposed to be basic arcade action, why making it slow, shouldn't arcade gameplay be fast and adrenaline pumping?;

2.The necessity to face up when picking up the items. Why can't the character face up automatically? I mean, what's the point of throwing items down when the enemy is always up? Maybe in later stanges there's enemies down there, but I honestly couldn't play that far to see;

3.When tripping over, 90% of the time it's game over, due to how slowly the character gets up (I know you're supposed to quickly mash the buttons, but it's still too slow);

4.The enemies are moving way too fast sometimes, even the first one. It seems challenging, but even if the other three flaws weren't present, it feels like the game starts off waaaay too difficult, and then gets ridiculously difficult.

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Love the aesthetics and the gameplay. It's like encapsulating the finale of a slasher movie/survival horror game where the protagonists is throwing stuff at the invincible enemy just to gain time to escape, but translated to an arcade setting and adding some trippy psychedelic flair. Wouldn't be out of place in a weird horror marathon next to stuff like Momoko 120%.

I wish it was a bit longer, I get the feeling you could milk the formula with an extended story and a couple more nights. And sometimes I felt that I was at the mercy of the randomized elements. 

On the upside, what's here it's pretty good and the 4th night is mental in how you must use every mechanic of the game to gain distance. Gets really intense and very demanding on how you strategize movement and timing. More popular horror games wish had a finale this mechanically tense.

Good stuff. Wouldn't have minded to pay a little bit more to get a a more fledged out game, but for 2 bucks I got my money's worth. Keep it up homie. 👍

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Nice game, I could't figure out much of the story though...

I think I've found a bug: when you use the arrow keys instead of WASD to move, throwing at NW direction is impossible. You can walk in that direction, but for some reason Suzy doesn't turn NW to throw when holding an item (she throws N or W).




on what?


dead guys dont sleep idiot bad game



A game with a vibe and a sentiment that resonates with me


good and so hard


Loved it a lot! Too bad it was only the 4 encounters. The style and monster design is amazing. Hope to see more!


Game's great. 

While i had a bit of difficulty dealing with the second boss because of it's speed and some puddle placements near thrown items, overall I enjoyed my time with the game. (Pond thing seems to be on check for now actually) 

Spoiler ahead...

I just want to say that i absolutely adored the ending bit, i didn't listen fully to the menu screen when starting up for the first time so it felt like the best credits song. That is all. I shall sleep when I'm dead.

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the game itself is amazing just the boss fight makes me UGHHH but the art style is amazing it be nice if the boss fight isn't that challenging. got so frustrated and couldn't finish the third round. But the other stuff is good.


I really wanted to like this game, and I did. the art and music are wonderful.

But the goddamn fights are horribly unbalanced.

First boss? pssh, yeah, get past it immediately once you get the hang of it. The second boss and those beyond, however, is incredibly difficult, especially with how the items are randomly generated and how you're slow as hell.

The second boss is way too fast considering how randomly the items spawn. You don't get a fair opportunity to beat it and the others. This is just a dumb game of luck stuck behind a paywall.

Please work on figuring out how to decrease the difficulty of the later bosses before you charge money for this game. It's wonderful and I adore the concept and art but it's way too fucking difficult right now, chief.


It looks and sounds pretty good! I gotta say that its kinda annoying because of rng though. Might be more fun if the throwables were in a particular place in every try, rather than being completelly random. It would even make it kinda souls-like with pattern memorizing and such. Still, its pretty good. Keep up the good work bro!


based and redpilled


Really like the art and the dialogue is fun and has a lot of personality to it. However I couldn't make it past the second boss though after I spent like 10 mins trying to beat it. Not sure if I missed something but if it's only about throwing items at the boss while avoiding holes on the road it feel's very random and unbalanced. I think at one attempt I hit every throw and the boss still caught up with me because I had no more items to throw at him. Also not being able to see the holes in front of you because of the camera felt a bit unfair, especially when the boss is close to you and you have no choice but to be at the bottom edge of the screen. 


Game's probably less rng based than it looks, like luck's definitely a factor, but the layouts are more similar than you'd think. Don't wanna show how I'm making the hot dogs yet, but every set should be 100% doable. There's a hint before the first boss on what the trick is, godspeed bros. Still gonna adjust down the line so I'll feel it out


super fun, play the game, stop reading this if you haven't played it yet.

- really cool art style, heard about the supermarket game as well, looks dope
  - creepy vibes from the enemies, but thank you for no jumpscares
- fun gameplay, simple yet challenging.

- very rng-based as agropequarium and 730 said; enemies' movement speeds can be unfair at times, but I guess that's the point when you're facing an inhuman enemy like that.
- no form of saving or level-unlocking is a bit bleh, I returned to menu before the last fight and then got stuck on the second fight for a bit longer than I liked but that's okay.

- kinda hope i didn't miss any secrets, kinda just walked out the door after talking to boss
- is the shaq-a-chino a reference to the shaq-a-roni or is that a coincidence for the rest of his endorsements

- the last fight was really cool, took me a bit to understand the strategy, worth the build-up

thank u for game


mhmm, no secrets but I think I might add a 5th side boss in a bit. Idk what's up with the no saving, shit should auto save after clearing a level, I'll look into it for sure, thanks broh

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The style of this game is really good, both visuals and music are really enjoyable. 

As for the gameplay, it gets really annoying after the first level. Both items and obstacles spawn at random, so there's no counterplay to having the enemy speed up at you on a segment with no items. The fourth night shows really well how wide the item hitboxes are compared to the size of the actual item, making most you take very hard to dodge.

Either way thanks for sharing, it's a really interesting concept.


thankks for playing dogg. Mhmm, I'll adjust the hitbockes before paywalling for sure, thanks for pointing it out, jah bless


The pick up hitbox's gonna stay big so you can avoid pothole bullshit, but the actual thrown collision will be made more accurate


the fights get rather annoying after the first one, it's like whether you die or not is dependent on RNG for the placement of items and holes/water spots, does manage to make you tense the further you get into a level though for this exact reason, but still frustrating.

very cool enemy designs (and colors and animations and effects?), pretty spooky although the game itself doesn't evoke fear at all (which i guess is the point).

other than that, nice aesthetic and use of filters, good juicing on the sfx etc, nice dialogue although i feel 90% of it is references to other shit and i'm not getting any of them (just found out after beating the game that the title references a song lol).

i liked the sudden "loop" at the end, that was a very nice touch. kino, as one might say.

waiting for hacky slashy supermarket game or whatever


much thanks brother